This site uses the web-based annotation tool Hypothesis to present scholarly and contextual information related to the text of Wells’s novel. The Hypothesis sidebar will automatically load on the site pages that are annotated. Currently, these pages comprise each of the novel’s nine installments as they appeared in Pearson’s Magazine. The annotations will show up on most browsers but are most compatible with Chrome and Firefox. Annotations can be toggled on and off based on user preference.

Below is a list of all the Hypothesis tags currently used to annotate this site. A short description accompanies each tag, which links to a Hypothesis page displaying all instances of that tag’s use. Text-to-speech compatible transcripts of these annotations are linked near the top of each annotated page.

(De)collected Annotation Tags

decollected: BACKGROUND – Notes that offer historical or cultural background for the text

decollected: BIOGRAPHICAL – Notes related to the life of the text’s author

decollected: CLARIFICATION – Notes that offer clarification on a portion of the text that may be difficult to decipher

decollected: COMICS – Notes referring to comics/graphic novels or comics culture

decollected: COMMENTARY – Notes that include critical, scholarly, or personal commentary related to the text

decollected: CONNECTION – Notes that draw connections within the text or to other texts

decollected: DANAHAY – Notes referencing The War of the Worlds, edited by Martin A. Danahay (Broadview Press, 2003)

decollected: DEFINITION – Notes that offer definitions for words or technical terms as they are used within the text

decollected: FILM – Notes referring to films/movies or film culture

decollected: GANGNES – Notes contributed by Madeline B. Gangnes (this site’s author)

decollected: HUGHES AND GEDULD – Notes referencing A Critical Edition of The War of the Worlds: H. G. Wells’s Scientific Romance, with Introduction and Notes by David Y. Hughes and Harry M. Geduld, edited by Harry M. Geduld (Indiana UP, 1993)

decollected: ILLUSTRATION – Notes referring to illustrations or other static visual materials that are not photographs or comics

decollected: LOCATION – Notes referring to physical locations, whether actual or fictional

decollected: MCCONNELL – Notes referencing H. G. Wells, The Time Machine and The War of the Worlds: A Critical Edition, edited by Frank McConnell (Oxford UP, 1977)

decollected: MUSIC – Notes related to music, musicals, or melodic audio culture

decollected: PEARSON’S – Notes related to the British periodical Pearson’s Magazine

decollected: PERIODICAL – Notes related to journals, magazines, and newspapers

decollected: POETRY – Notes related to poems and poetry

decollected: RADIO – Notes related to radio shows or radio culture, including podcasts

decollected: REFERENCE – Notes related to specific references made within the text to real events or other texts, including quotes

decollected: REVISION – Notes related to differences between or among versions of the text

decollected: SERIAL – Notes related to the serialized text in its periodical form

decollected: STOVER – Notes referencing The War of the Worlds: A Critical Text of the 1898 London First Edition, with an Introduction, Illustrations and Appendices, edited by Leon Stover (McFarland and Company, Inc., 2001)

decollected: TV – Notes related to television shows or TV culture

decollected: VOLUME – Notes related to a volume/collected version of the text