The Purpose page describes the rationale for, and theoretical underpinnings of, The (De)collected War of the Worlds. It delineates the project’s several main goals.

The Novel

This section contains the bulk of the site’s content. It includes background information on The War of the Worlds in its 1890s British publication formats. As one of this site’s main goals is to provide an accessible means of approaching the imagetextual presentation of the novel as it was published in Pearson’s Magazine, all nine installments are hosted here, accompanied by detailed descriptions of each installment’s illustrations and critical annotations incorporated using the web annotation program Hypothesis. It also includes articles from Pearson’s Magazine that this project asserts are relevant to the novel.


Pearson’s Magazine

Pearson’s Installment 1
Pearson’s Installment 2
Pearson’s Installment 3
Pearson’s Installment 4
Pearson’s Installment 5
Pearson’s Installment 6
Pearson’s Installment 7
Pearson’s Installment 8
Pearson’s Installment 9
“The Terrible Trades of Sheffield”

1898 London First Edition

Text Comparison

The text comparison section of the site hosts links to comparisons of the Pearson’s text and the collected novel text of The War of the Worlds. These comparisons show that the changes made between the two versions are extensive, and go far beyond sentence-level edits.


The timeline page hosts and links to a detailed timeline of the early publication history of The War of the Worlds in Britain. The page hosts descriptions of each timeline entry, as well as relevant images.


The map page hosts and links to a detailed Google Map related to the novel. The map shows the Martian cylinder landing sites, locations related to the narrator’s and his brother’s respective journeys in the novel, and H. G. Wells’s residences. The page hosts descriptions of each location and (where applicable) textual references.


The sources page lists the major critical and primary sources cited or consulted for The (De)collected War of the Worlds.


The tools page lists every digital tool used to create The (De)collected War of the Worlds. It describes how each tool was used and where it can be found.


The Reflections section of the site hosts blog posts by Madeline B. Gangnes about the inspiration, creation, modification, and maintenance of The (De)collected War of the Worlds.